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Bundle Today Announces Partnership with Divorce.com


Bundle Today, the nation’s leading document preparation company, has announced the launch of a new partnership with Divorce.com. The partnership will provide Divorce.com customers with an easy, cost effective, and legally compliant way to transfer their real property before or after their divorce is finalized.

“It is a one-stop-shop for customers to easily transfer their real property,” said Courtney Dec, Bundle Today’s General Counsel and COO. “Through this partnership, we hope to ease the process of this part of a divorce by providing customers with trustworthy, reliable documents.”

Bundle Today has a long history of providing legal documents to the title settlement industry. We are defined by our ability to deliver solutions with remarkable customer service, straightforward pricing and advanced technology-backed support that is unparalleled in the industry.

Divorce.com is on a mission to bring divorce into the modern era by putting families’ needs first. “By making the divorce process more compassionate, efficient, and affordable, we’re able to keep people from suffering unnecessary hurt at the hands of the system,” said Elizabeth Stewart, co-CEO of Divorce.com.

The partnership between Bundle Today and Divorce.com will offer a range of services, including deed preparation, notary and recording services. By partnering together, we are able to offer the services at an extremely low cost, starting at just $115.00.

For more information, please contact:
Courtney E. Dec, Esq.
General Counsel and COO

About Divorce.com

Divorce.com is a trusted resource for couples navigating both contested and uncontested divorce support, and its platform supports an affordable, accessible, and amicable process for all parties involved. Led by co-CEOs Elizabeth Pharo and Elizabeth Stewart and backed by renowned divorce attorney Laura Wasser, Divorce.com provides an arsenal of tools, resources, and services from today’s top divorce experts. The platform is available for individuals located in the United States and Canada, and the team has worked with over one million couples to undergo the divorce experience with a greater sense of understanding and assurance.

About Bundle Today

Bundle Today, began in 2003 providing legal documents to the settlement industry. Attorney founded and operated, bundle prides itself on obtaining attorney-prepared documents for some of the nation’s largest Relocation Companies, Settlement Service Providers, Lenders, Title Insurance Companies, and Mortgage Brokers. Defined by an ability to deliver solutions with remarkable customer service, straightforward pricing and advanced technology-backed support, bundle offers expertise in over 3,000 recording districts nationwide. Learn more at www.bundletoday.com.